Greg Melanson

Greg Melanson first came to the wine country on vacation at age 18. After graduation from U.S.C. in 1975 he moved to San Francisco to start a legal document management
company. During those early years he learned to fly and skydive at the Pope Valley Parachute Ranch. Greg caught the bug for both soaring and wine which prompted him to purchase a 10 acre vineyard in Calistoga at age 25. The vineyard was under contract with the Napa Valley Cooperative Winery. Greg recalls “in those days you found out how much your grapes were worth when you received a check.“ His weekends were consumed with flying gliders at the Calistoga Soaring Center and exploring the Napa Valley. Weekdays were spent running his document management company which Greg took public in 1996.

In his mid 30’s Greg sold his Calistoga vineyard and purchased a vineyard on Pritchard Hill. He now commands a premium for his fruit and is serious about making world-class cabernet sauvignon. “My how things have changed from the early days” he says. From over 30 years of soaring above it Greg has recorded a birds-eye perspective of the evolution of the Napa Valley. His passion for flight has not wavered; he maintains commercial and ATP ratings in various types of aircraft inducing helicopters and is often seen flying a helicopter above Pritchard Hill.